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The Team

At Private Properties, our team of professionals are here to help clients discover their ultimate dream vacation. Each member of the team contributes in their own way to ensure that clients renting through our platform can locate, compare and book their selected luxury rental through an easy and care free process. We understand that booking both short and long term vacations can be a tedious task, which is why our group of qualified individuals have developed this user friendly platform, which will guide clients through their booking process with ease and transparency. Once a client has located their perfect property, they can then speak with our professional sales team, who draw on their vast years of experience in the travel market to advice clients and provide the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.

Till Pirnay

Till Pirnay - CEO / Partner

Till is the CEO and founder of the Private Properties platform. He influences the company’s growth by driving vision and strategy into the team whilst managing the operative tasks of the company. His love of the travel market and passion for high quality real estate has led him to create Private Properties in the hope that clients can experience the very best service when renting luxury homes on an international scale. Till ensures that each property listed within our portfolio is of the highest quality and stands by excellent customer service as the key to any successful business. Before founding Private Properties Till received his Degree in Business Administration from the University of Cologne and is fluent in German, English and French. He has been in the luxury travel industry for over 10 years, making him a qualified and experienced individual who can advise and cater for any request.

Favourite Destination: Phuket, Thailand

Favourite Property: Villa Rak Tawan

“I had such a nice time picking my favourite destination. I had no idea which one to pick as I love all of these properties for different reasons. In the end, I picked the property that offered the best service. I love the Thai culture and really felt at home in Phuket, even though it is on the other side of the world! Thailand is a country full of luxury and quality and the food is so intense, I am seriously considering moving here!”

Henri Songeur

Henri Songeur - CMO / Partner

Henri is the CMO at Private Properties. He implements the company’s marketing strategies through the use of branding, advertisement and social media while using his expertise as a business developer to further promote the platform within the market. Henri has been an innovator for the company, pushing our brand into new heights within the sector attracting clients from across the world. He is an avid traveller and has lived in countries such as The Netherlands, Italy and France and understands how difficult it can be to rent short term accommodation of a high standard. Because of this, Henri stands by our platform and promotes Private Properties with such determination as he feels that our company can go the extra mile when offering luxury vacation rentals on the international stage. Henri holds a Master’s Degree in Mathematics and Economics from The University of Edinburgh and is fluent in both English and French.

Favourite Destination: Chamonix, France

Favourite Property: Chalet La Verte

“I stayed in this property last year and fell in love with it. I am an avid skier and, in my opinion, the Chamonix slopes are some of the best in the world. Couple that with a wonderfully homely chalet that has been designed with the guest in mind, and you have a recipe for luxury. I spent my time hopping in and out of the sauna and drinking the apéro on the balcony which offers (probably) my favourite view in the world… the Mont Blanc.”

Peter Kyriacou

Peter Kyriacou - CSO / Partner

Peter is the CSO at Private Properties. He is responsible for the acquisition of the properties within our portfolio, leading the sales and booking team and dealing directly with partners and clients. His passion for the company is rooted in his love of travelling and exploration which has inspired Peter to locate properties in the most interesting and diverse locations, with a strict emphasis on exclusivity and luxury. He is a strong believer in customer satisfaction and has led the sales team by utilising an outstanding work ethic that strives to go the extra mile in order to please clients that rent through our platform. Peter holds a Master’s Degree in Science of Banking and Finance from The University of Queen Mary and a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and Finance from the University of Essex. He is fluent in both English and Greek and is prepared to go to extreme lengths to provide an unforgettable luxury vacation for all of our clients.

Favourite Destination: Maldives

Favourite Property: Jungle Reserve

“The Jungle Reserve was an adventure. It’s very different to the other properties on our portfolio. You still get all of the luxury and comfort, but there is also this air of wilderness that comes with this place. It was almost serene to sit out on the terrace and watch the sun set. I would suggest this retreat to anyone, from families to groups of friends, and definitely intend to return.”

Michael Alexander Bick

Michael Alexander Bick - CFO

Michael is the CFO of Private Properties. He is responsible for financial planning and the coordination with our international business partners. Michael, has the vision of a high-class property platform that ensures its clients an exclusive and worthwhile stay at the world’s top destinations. He strives for quality and above-average performance to meet the customer expectations at highest degree. Michael holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration as well as a distinction from the University of Cologne and attended six months of MBA classes in South Africa. He also holds a degree as an assistant tax consultant in which he got attested 100% in the field of client service orientation. He is fluent in both English and German and has gained several practical experiences (banking, audit, Industrial sector and consulting).

Favorite Destination: Mexico

Favourite Property: Casa Lunar Mar

“I loved Mexico. I loved the beaches. Amazing weather. The property was so comfortable, I would advise it to anyone. We went as a group of friends and it ended up not forking out too much for the rental, which allowed us that extra spending money, perfect for some amazing sightseeing and insatiable partying. A great destination!”

Adil Kocaemir

Adil Kocaemir - CPO

Adil is the CPO of the Private Properties platform. He is responsible for various word based publications on the site such as descriptive texts, local area information and blog articles. He has also had influence in quality control and development aspects of the site, ensuring that our platform is kept to the highest standards and that profiles are created with care and accuracy. Adil is passionate about his work and strives to ensure that clients have an accurate and well informed insight into their chosen rental so that they can expect no hidden surprises upon arrival. His enthusiasm and interest in the travel market has allowed him to connect with the Private Properties brand and convey the quality of our products through the use of linguistic and communicative techniques. Currently studying History and Law at the University of Westminster, Adil is fluent in both English and Turkish and is an enthusiastic member of the Private Properties Team.

Favourite Destination: St Barts

Favourite Property: Villa Royal

“Staying at Villa Royal was an unforgettable experience! Every part of the villa was luxurious, extremely well equipped and beautifully made. The chef’s food was incredible and the service we received throughout the vacation was truly first class. A visit to the nearby beach was like stepping into a private paradise! 10/10 Villa I Can’t wait to go back!”

Our Story

“A few years ago I was asked by a family member to organise a big reunion for us all in the northern region of France. All I needed was to find a suitable property to host this event, as around 30 people would be attending and staying for 1 night. This sounded simple enough as I know that there is an abundance of suitable properties in this region, but when searching google for this luxury vacation rental, I was swamped by a mess of search results containing hundreds of agencies that specialised in different styles, locations and standards of properties. After a long week of trawling the internet, I managed to find a property I thought would do the job, so I called the agency to inquire. I was met by automated booking processes and uninformative staff members, who could not tell me what I needed to know, along with a platform that offered little information regarding the property itself or its destination. I felt disappointed as the asking price for this home was upwards of €10,000,00 per week and I felt that before paying this kind of money I should at least know what I am paying for.

After weeks of struggling with the rental process, I decided that there must be a better way! So we came up with the idea of Private Properties, a web based platform that offers guests a luxurious booking process when renting luxury vacation rentals from around the world. Our idea was simple, to ensure that each client can locate, rent and enjoy the finest real estate on the planet and experience some of the world’s most beautiful destinations from the lap of total luxury. We made this possible by designing a platform that is both easy to use and informative. We pride ourselves on our professional team of sales agents who can cater for any request and provide any additional information that a client requires on their selected rental. Clients can be assured that no automated booking processes or half-hearted agents will interfere with their renting arrangement, because let’s face it, nothing beats the advice of a qualified person when renting a luxury property online. We will stop at nothing to provide the perfect vacation for each client renting through our site as our bespoke platform will aid you through every step in the search for your dream home.”

The Board

Till Pirnay

Till Pirnay - CEO / Partner

Responsible for the operative business of the company, Till holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Cologne and has entrepreneurial experience of 10 years. He has also founded other successful online platforms including ‘La Haule’ properties which offers high quality vacation rentals across Europe. This experience has enabled him to create a strong circle of contacts and connects with numerous agencies. As passionate as ever there is no request however flamboyant which Till cannot arrange for.

Favourite Destination: Phuket, Thailand

Favourite Property: Villa Rak Tawan

“I had such a nice time picking my favourite destination. I had no idea which one to pick as I love all of these properties for different reasons. In the end, I picked the property that offered the best service. I love the Thai culture and really felt at home in Phuket, even though it is on the other side of the world! Thailand is a country full of luxury and quality and the food is so intense, I am seriously considering moving here!”

Thomas Dicker

Thomas Dicker - Partner

Thomas is the chairman of Orchid Partners Ltd, a London based Angel advisory company. Thomas began his career in institutional equity sales at Kidder Peabody in Paris, after spending 6 years he then moved to Morgan Stanley London where he became head of the French institutional equity sales group. Thomas then joined the Private Client Services group at Morgan Stanley, focusing on High Net Worth individuals and small to medium-sized institutions. Thomas is also a private investor in a number of early stage technology and life science companies as well as Hotels. He was a founding member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World and still is a board member of Luxury Hotel Partners and a number of other companies. Thomas is a graduate from Geneva University and speaks fluent English, French and German.

Favourite Destination: Normandy, France

Favourite Property: La Haule Manor

“Normandy offers the most fantastic food. From the foie gras to the cheese, the deserts to the cidre, it is all very tasty. My wife is also from the region, so it holds an important place in my heart. This destination offers a luxury experience to all those who visit. Between the expansive manors and chateaux, and the historical treasures, Normandie is my favourite place to stay on the Private Properties map.”

Peter Guttridge

Peter Guttridge - Partner

Peter is a professional international businessman who has bought, managed and sold companies and business interests in many countries including Australia, Hong Kong, Russia and the United States. He is the president of Orchid Partners Ltd where his interests lie primarily in the Financial Services sector with a strong emphasis on Real Estate, Private Equity and Venture Capital. Peter completed his undergraduate education in England and his MBA from Pepperdine University in California. At Pepperdine University, he became a founding member of the Dean’s Advisory Board to the School of Business and Management and was later presented with the Annual “Outstanding Alumnus Award”. He has received numerous awards and recognition for his business accomplishments and his service to charitable organizations.

Favourite Destination: Granada

Favourite Property: Calivigny Island

“I was first attracted to this project as I thought it would show some amazing villas. Calivigny Island is the next level though. This private island has everything. The staff cater to your every need and the scenery is simply breath-taking. I spent a lot of time on the beautiful beach and my family loved every moment of our stay. The kids always ask to go back and whilst I want to explore the other treasures on our portfolio, I’m sure we will return soon. One for the relaxed vacation lovers.”

About Private Properties

Founded in 2012, Private Properties is a privately owned online platform which facilitates the rental process for high quality luxury properties from across the world. Our ever expanding international portfolio contains a variety of structures suitable for every imaginable event including large weddings, family holidays, romantic excursions and business events, ensuring exclusivity and comfort in every destination. The Private Properties team stays true to its promise of high quality properties allowing us to guarantee only the finest real estate within our portfolio which are located in some of the most desirable locations on the planet.

Why rent from Private Properties ?

Not only has our platform been designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible, our team of highly qualified and professional staff are here to ensure your booking process is met with the highest standards of customer service along with associates who are familiar with the market and therefore trustworthy.

Our team is available whenever you need us, and a representative will be available for calls 24/7 to ensure that you will never want for anything during your booking process and vacation. Our team will go the extra mile and organise unique services on request such as pre-stocked groceries, car rental services and personal chef's to help make your stay as unforgettable as possible.

We can ensure that all pictures and information provided within our portfolio is accurate and informative providing a comprehensive view of each rental, with no unexpected surprises upon arrival. Unlike many hotels, Private Properties offers guests the choice of a personalized space in a variety of destinations, to ensure that guests experience an unforgettable holiday on their own terms.

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